US Gold Corp CEO highlights CK Gold Project's strategic and environmental advantages

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US Gold Corp CEO George Bee joined Proactive's Stephen Gunnion with the latest developments at the company's CK Gold Project in Wyoming.

Bee highlighted the strategic advantages of the project's location, emphasising Wyoming's resource-friendly environment and infrastructure. The state supports mining activities, which align well with US Gold Corp's operations, making it a favourable jurisdiction.

Bee elaborated on the project's environmental benefits, noting the absence of hazardous chemicals and smokestack emissions. The mining process involves extracting rock, processing it into concentrate, and shipping it to a smelter, minimising environmental impact. Additionally, the project utilises a dry stack tailings system to recycle water, addressing water scarcity issues and avoiding the risks associated with traditional containment dams.

US Gold Corp has already secured an industrial siting permit and a conditional mine operating permit, contingent on obtaining water discharge, reclamation bond, and air quality permits. The first two conditions have been met, and the air quality permit is expected soon.

Next steps include integrating permitting conditions into engineering studies and engaging with local suppliers. The project's proximity to major highways and cities facilitates access to equipment and skilled labour, enhancing its attractiveness and feasibility. Bee concluded by expressing confidence in the project's progress and its potential benefits to the local economy and environment.

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